Welcome London, first playoff location


All Londoners rejoice because London is the first Playoff Location opening for Round Two! Congratulations!

Home to the Round One winning team, International FC (IFCX), and one of the most active locations, London is starting out as a Playoff Location. This means there will be a playoff for the top 8 London teams and monetary prizes for the top 3 teams:

  • 1500 Euros for the winning team
  • 750 Euros for the second placed team
  • 250 Euros for the third placed team

So, if you have a 5-a-side football team in London don’t miss this and register your team for free at http://app.gamebyronaldo.com/signup.

And remember, all locations achieving an Activity Level of 10 will also be upgraded to Playoff Locations, giving them access to a similar playoff and prizes. So keep your city moving with an ever growing number of teams and matches!

Let the matches begin.

Round Two, starting today

Buckle up guys, because we’re having another 4 months of The GAME by Ronaldo frenzy. Say ‘welcome’ to the second round of this competition!

Round Two is starting today and will end on September 21st, 12:00pm GMT. Plenty of time to schedule all those matches, amass points and take your team to the top ranking spots. Tighten your bootstraps, do your warm-up and get ready, because this brand new challenge is waiting for your team!

We’re introducing several changes, making ground to take this ambitious 5-a-side competition further. In the next few days we’ll be covering each one in more detail, but here’s an overview of what’s coming up:

  • Activity Level, Playoff Location and Prizes: each location will now have an Activity Level based on its number of teams and played matches. Upon reaching an Activity Level of 10, a location will be elevated to a special status, Playoff Location. Right after the end of Round Two, each Playoff Location will run its own playoff for the top 8 teams, with monetary prizes awarded to the top 3 teams.

  • Round Points: Teams have a new set of points called Round Points. Each team will start the round with 1000 Round Points. Previous League Points — referred from now on as Rating — and Team Rank will remain untouched, working as round-independent stats for your team. The most important change is that the amount of points transferred per match is now based on Round Points and not on the overall Rating. Points transferred after a match will add up to your Round Points as well as to your Rating, thus making your team advance not only on a particular Round but also in a global way. Ultimately, Round winners will be determined by their Round Points and not by their Rating.

  • Challenge Everyone: you can now challenge any team you want. Just head to a team’s profile and, if it’s competing, you’ll find a ‘Challenge’ button that you can use to send a request for a match right away. The ‘Find Matches’ screen will live on as an exploration tool, suggesting opponents that seem like a good match for your team.

  • Team Validation: (introduced at the end of Round One) all Teams registering for The GAME will have to be submitted for validation by our Referee team, before they can start competing. Any significant change in a team or player’s information will also be reviewed by our Referee team. We’re pretty sure this will make the competition fairer for everyone.

  • Match Lineup Photos and Match Validation: (introduced at the end of Round One) makes it mandatory to upload a match lineup photo — picturing both teams at the time and venue of the match. Matches will then be validated by our Referee team before they are accounted for the competition. This will also work towards a fairer competition.

Prizes for Playoff Locations

As previously mentioned, a location with an Activity Level of 10 will be called a Playoff Location. Besides the playoff at the end of Round Two, these special locations will have guaranteed monetary prizes for the top 3 teams:

  • 1500 Euros to the winning team
  • 750 Euros to the second best team
  • 250 Euros to the third best team

Either keep your location in shape, with a good number of teams and matches going on, or try and find nearby Playoff Locations to compete on.

Take some time to soak in all the news. And relax, we’ll keep talking about all of this in detail in the coming days. Just don’t fall asleep, because Round Two is on, and you better get those matches going!

As always, if you have any questions just reach us out on our Facebook page, Twitter or through our email, coach@gamebyronaldo.com.

It’s kick off time!

Team Lineup Photos and Match Validation

Hi there champs! Taking the opportunity to get a little rest before the next round, uh?

Meanwhile, you might wanna read the following post, because we’ve introduced two important and significant changes to the match results submission: Match Teams Lineup Photo and Match Validation.


From now on, besides having to submit the match results or “No Show” information, you will need to upload a teams lineup photo for every match, taken at the match scheduled venue and time. The teams lineup photo must meet the following requisites:

  • Depict both playing teams lined up, side by side.
  • Must be taken at the match venue.
  • Must be taken at the match scheduled time.

Also, take note, that both teams must upload a match teams lineup photo.



Up until now, when an agreement on the match results was reached, the match was deemed valid, the points were transferred and the match proceeded to the after match state (which is, we recall, the state where you can submit, optionally, the match lineup and goal scorers info).

But, from now on, after both match results are submitted (including both teams lineup photos) and an agreement is reached, the match stays in 'Pending Validation' by our Referee Team. They’ll check all submitted match information and validate the match accordingly. In this process the team captain may be contacted by our Referee Team. So we urge the team captains, once more, to keep an eye on their inboxes!

Right after a match has been validated, the transfer points takes place and the match proceeds to after match like before.


These new changes, we believe, will surely help us to maintain the overall health of the competition, as well as make the competition better and more fair to everyone.

Also, having photos of your matches can be a great way to promote your team and its feats, and we have the intention of improving this aspect of our platform in the near future. So, remember to take a good photo of both teams on your matches and keep around, we’ll have some really exciting news soon.

Wrapping up Round One


And that’s it, Round One ends in a blast with a victory of International FC (#IFCX). Congratulation lads! As for the remaining The GAME community, keep an eye on this team.

It has been a tremendous adventure these last months: since we first unveiled this truly innovative competition, going through the opening of the registrations, the start of Round One, your first matches, the effort to improve the competition, and ending in these final days of Round One. It was amazing!

We really hope The GAME by Ronaldo helps to bring value to a dedicated and ever-growing global football and 5-a-side community, by helping to connect more people and squads, by strengthening team bonds and by fostering sportsmanship through healthy, honest football practice.

Thank you for your photos, videos, comments and unrelentless support. You rock! But we aren’t stopping here, we’ll have a ton of news soon for you about GAME by Ronaldo next steps - and we’re absolutely thrilled with them! Stick around and stay tuned, because we’re just getting started. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and give a look to our community Reddit.

We eagerly await for more champions to come! See you soon, folks! GAME ON!

Attention All Captains: beware Irregular Photos


One of the requisites for you to play and compete in The GAME by Ronaldo is to have a real, clear and unequivocal photo of yourself. This helps us ensure the fairness of the competition by guaranteeing all teams, both yours as well as teams you face, are playing only with properly registered players. We view this as a central part in maintaining the competition healthy and fair for everyone, and we’re very strict about it.

So, make sure other The GAME players can clearly recognize you in your current photo. In case you need to change it, you can always upload a new one into your profile’s photo gallery.

Team Captains, being responsible for the whole team, must absolutely ensure all team players have photos compliant with these rules. Teams with photos not abiding by these rules will be warned and, ultimately, suspended if no action is taken. So we strongly urge Team Captains to quickly address any outstanding photo issues.

To determine if a player photo is compliant, use the following rules:

Regular Photo:

  • Is real photo of yourself
  • Only features yourself in the photo
  • Have your face is clearly visible and identifiable
  • Is an ID-like photo
  • Is in accordance with our terms of service

Irregular Photos:

  • Have you with other people (group photos)
  • Have your face partially visible (including sunglasses) or no visible at all
  • Display nudity
  • Have offensive gestures
  • Are a cartoon photo
  • Have a football star or other known celebrity
  • Are a photo of an animal
  • Are a photo of an object
  • Do not depict you or depict another person
  • Are fake or manipulated

A small update on Team Invites

To make it easier for you to invite new players and complete your Team we made a small change on the invites.

Up until now you could only invite players that weren’t on a Team. But from now on you will be able to invite players that are on incomplete Teams as well (teams that have less than 5 players).

In this case, if the player accepts the invite, he will automatically leave the current team and be assigned to the new one. Also, these players will now appear as ‘invitable’ when you search for them on the Add Players screen. (And remember, you absolutely need to set your real name and upload a real photo of you to be able to accept invites.)

In the coming weeks we intend to add more changes to the inviting system to streamline it better and to make it easier to discover your friends already on The GAME by Ronaldo, so stay tuned.

And if you have feedback or suggestions we are more than glad to listen them. Use our help and feedback widget on the web app or drop us an email at gamebyronaldo@sportsstarsmedia.com.

GAME on!