Attention All Captains: beware Irregular Photos


One of the requisites for you to play and compete in The GAME by Ronaldo is to have a real, clear and unequivocal photo of yourself. This helps us ensure the fairness of the competition by guaranteeing all teams, both yours as well as teams you face, are playing only with properly registered players. We view this as a central part in maintaining the competition healthy and fair for everyone, and we’re very strict about it.

So, make sure other The GAME players can clearly recognize you in your current photo. In case you need to change it, you can always upload a new one into your profile’s photo gallery.

Team Captains, being responsible for the whole team, must absolutely ensure all team players have photos compliant with these rules. Teams with photos not abiding by these rules will be warned and, ultimately, suspended if no action is taken. So we strongly urge Team Captains to quickly address any outstanding photo issues.

To determine if a player photo is compliant, use the following rules:

Regular Photo:

  • Is real photo of yourself
  • Only features yourself in the photo
  • Have your face is clearly visible and identifiable
  • Is an ID-like photo
  • Is in accordance with our terms of service

Irregular Photos:

  • Have you with other people (group photos)
  • Have your face partially visible (including sunglasses) or no visible at all
  • Display nudity
  • Have offensive gestures
  • Are a cartoon photo
  • Have a football star or other known celebrity
  • Are a photo of an animal
  • Are a photo of an object
  • Do not depict you or depict another person
  • Are fake or manipulated

A small update on Team Invites

To make it easier for you to invite new players and complete your Team we made a small change on the invites.

Up until now you could only invite players that weren’t on a Team. But from now on you will be able to invite players that are on incomplete Teams as well (teams that have less than 5 players).

In this case, if the player accepts the invite, he will automatically leave the current team and be assigned to the new one. Also, these players will now appear as ‘invitable’ when you search for them on the Add Players screen. (And remember, you absolutely need to set your real name and upload a real photo of you to be able to accept invites.)

In the coming weeks we intend to add more changes to the inviting system to streamline it better and to make it easier to discover your friends already on The GAME by Ronaldo, so stay tuned.

And if you have feedback or suggestions we are more than glad to listen them. Use our help and feedback widget on the web app or drop us an email at

GAME on!

Continuous Improvement, brought by You

Like we said before, we want The GAME to be based on a strong community.

One of the reasons is because we feel we can learn a lot from you - the ones running and sweating for an entire match that use our platform everyday.

We also like to sweat. And we never stop running. So we more than welcome you to share your feedback, suggest improvements and ask for our help. We’re right here.

Like we said earlier, this is the very first Round, so it’s possible that some things aren’t as polished as they could be. Or other things we cared so much about may not be that relevant or important, and most certainly others that we even haven’t imagined will be needed.  What we do know is that, surely, you will play a great role in helping us identify them.

So, please, do reach us at Let’s talk!

Mobile Apps

Install our brand new apps on your iPhone or Android and take The GAME with you right to the playing field. Follow your favorite Teams, review pending match details, accept challenges and keep track of your stats on the go. Bring your smartphone to the matches and submit results and other information right after the final whistle - you can also agree with your opponent and settle the match right there.

The GAME is available for iPhone on the App Store and for Android on Google Play.

Round One, Open for Everyone

We’re happy to inform you that Round One of The GAME has already started! (Yay!)

We’ve opened the competition for every city, every country, everywhere, how a truly global competition should be. It launched on January 26th and will run until May 1st - the day that we will know the ultimate winning Team that will be awarded a trip for all team members to watch a Cristiano Ronaldo game, live, at the stadium. So hurry up!

Right now, the Matches don’t stop and more and more Teams are scheduling games, competing for points, but, more importantly, having tremendous fun playing Real Football and meeting new Teams and new People. (Great job, guys!)

Also, don’t forget to check out our Standings table at

Players and Teams

Registrations for Players and Teams are already open and you can do it so on or on our mobile apps. Just to share some numbers with you, at the moment, we already have more than 84K Players and more than 25K Teams already registered for The GAME - and the numbers keep growing.


Register yourself as a player, join or create a 5 player team with your friends and keep track of your matches, career moves and statistics. As a Captain, manage your team, invite your friends to join you and lead your Team to its destiny: greatness.

Welcome to The GAME

Hello there! Long time no see, uh?

Looks like we have ton of things to cover since our last post - the opening of registrations, the beginning of Round One, our new mobile apps, and some more.

So here goes a very special update directly from the team that is pulling all the strings and taking care of all the quirks and quarks behind this competition.

It’s our deepest belief that a strong and vibrant community is vital to the success of this endeavour and we want to make sure that you are up to speed with all-things The GAME. So we intend to keep publishing these kind of updates regularly, explain what we have been working on and give some insights on the direction we’re heading at. Keep checking in!

The GAME by Ronaldo - App Sneak Peek


Get ready, because your football gear is getting an upgrade!

The #GAMEbyRonaldo app will be the best companion for your football games.

Bring your smartphone to the field and keep a record of each match, track your feats and compete against teams all around the world.

We will be posting more information about The GAME by Ronaldo in the following weeks so keep checking out our blog, Facebook and Twitter.

REAL Football


We’re having lots of feedback through Twitter and Facebook, so we know many of you are asking the same questions. What is The GAME by Ronaldo ? Another computer game ? A multiplayer online game ?

Well, the answer is pictured above. The GAME is a global competition with real players, real teams, real matches. Ultimately, it’s all about REAL football.

And the main character in this competition should be you. Yes, you read it right. YOU!

Start building your team and prepare yourself to take part in the first truly global football competition. Open to everyone!

End of October, Worldwide!